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Maison Vivante e.K

About us

Since our first project 15 years ago, we have been specializing in OEM services for high-precision components. All parts and fittings supplied by us are individually manufactured to order in China, and based entirely on the customers’ drawings and technical specifications. We strive to handle your OEM projects flawlessly.

Our key strength is manufacturing high-precision components in a range of stainless-steel materials, using casting, forging, and machining techniques.

Our commitment


Precision is not just a matter of strict compliance with sizes, tolerances and standards. For each component, we aim to get a thorough understanding of every single detail so that we can work out the most efficient manufacturing process, enhance the production rate, and ensure high and consistent quality.

Further to QC carried out by manufacturers, we also work closely with an SGS Lab, who provide independent monitoring of product quality. Our goal is always a 0% rejection rate for any components delivered.


Once the order is confirmed by us in writing, we set the price and delivery date, which won’t ever change, regardless of variations in the market price for materials or exchange rates.

We undertake to respect and protect your personal data and your privacy. All technical and commercial information provided will be treated confidentially and used only for the business activities that we have agreed with you.


We take care of the entire process and all the risks involved, right up to the moment when the components are delivered to your manufacturing site. We are also happy to postpone payment until after you have received the goods in house, subject to credit insurance approval.

We will also take care the logistics for you. If you ship the goods through our freight forwarder, we only charge you what they charge us, and not a cent more. If you ship the goods through your own freight forwarder, we will integrate ourselves into your supply chain.

Our proven process


We will analyze your project and work out the price for you. In order to facilitate the work, please prepare your drawings in both PDF and CAD formats, and provide your technical specifications.


Once you have approved our quotation, we will work out the details and timeline for you to agree upon.

Prototyping and Manufacturing

We will start work on the prototype. Once the prototype is tested and approved by you, the project advances to the bulk manufacturing stage. We will draw up an SOP for each individual project, including packaging and QC requirements.

Delivery 4

The components will be delivered to you as per the agreed timeline.